L.T. Marshall

MARCH BOX - Carrero (twice yearly) Sub Box

15 GBP
The Carrero sub box is a twice yearly surprise box of Carrero goodness.
The contents vary with every new box and will out-value the sub box price.
All boxes are kept a secret and posted in the first month of March so everyone gets theirs in the same week and do not ruin the mystery of what you will get.. 
We release March and September boxes every year.
Every item is designed , made or sourced by the team here at Official Carrero and will be to the highest quality. 
We currently do not have a running subscription payment set up, until we have a better idea of the success of the boxes. You can purchase right up until the end of February and then the listing will be changed for the next box. 
Contents will vary from jewellery, accessories, quirky items, printed items and a personal message from L.T.Marshall